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Subject:             Re: Project JUMPSTART
    Date:             Tue, 29 Dec 1998
   From:             Ken Bisson <>
       To:             Mark Rutherford <>

Mark Rutherford wrote:

> Dear Ken:
>         I do not know if the Wabash campus gets The Restoration.  It should > if at all possible.

Check it out at  and you
can get it to distribute there!

>         I've reviewed your e-mails.  Thanks.
>         The first step is to identify student leaders on campus who are
> Libertarian.  I understand a former member of the student council is very
> libertarian, and may be the first contact.  I'll make the contacts, most
> likely after the start of next semester.
>         Also, I can help subsidize the dues for Wabash College students who
> join the LP.

    That would be great.  Indiana was the first of the Region 3
states to accept my offer, so I have $250 (of my dollars) for
IN students (if matched by $500 from LPI members).  I
believe I can find four other LPI members to sponsor 10
students each, if you'd be willing to sponsor up to 10 Wabash
students yourself.  No need to send me your $100 until we
get the 10 students to join.

>         Wabash College is, and apparently always has been, a highly political
> place.  Thomas Marshall, vice-president of the U.S. 1913-21, is a Wabash
> graduate.  He once told a national news reporter that everything he needed
> to know about politics he learned in student politics at Wabash.  It was
> true when I was a student, and is still true today.
>         The campus has Young Republicans and Young Democrats.  It also
> has a group that is commonly identified with right-wing religious
> conservatism that publishes  The Commentary.
>         It was also the home of the late Ben Rogge, a very libertarian
> economist, and in academia, a part of Milton Friedman's circle.
>         The student base is very active on campus.  It is a school of 800 male
> students.  I dare say that over 90% of the students are active in at least
> one campus organization that is not solely sports related.

    It sounds like a good place for potential libertarians!

>         I am willing to help with the project in Indiana, but for solely selfish
> reasons - my loyalty to my alma mater and its political well-being - I
> prefer to concentrate at first at Wabash.  I do live two blocks away from
> the Butler University campus, so that may be another place with which I
> may assist.

    I'll consider you my Indiana coordinator and as others come
forth to express in interest, I'll be able to share your success at
Wabash with them (much as I shared Bill Hall's success in
sponsoring some Hillsdale students with you).

>         Lastly, Cheryl Pearcy of Greenwood, Indiana is interested in
> promoting student groups.  Her e-mail address is

    I'll copy this to Cheryl to keep her informed.

>         I look forward to helping with Project JUMPSTART.
>         Very truly yours,
>         Mark W. Rutherford

    Thanks, Mark.  I think Josh is going to be placing an ad
in The Restoration mentioning Project JUMPSTART, so many
students may seek us out.  I'll ash Josh for any other ideas
about finding interested Wabash students.  Your former
student council member sounds like the best source.  An
OPH booth on campus would be a great way to allow
students to self-select.  Phil Miller has offered to help find
students in Indiana, so I'll copy this to him, too.

    We should be able to get something going by the end of
January.  I'm delighted to have your help.  I can see a great
Indiana JUMPSTART team forming here!!!

Best Wishes,