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    Third Annual Libertarian Cruise - Update # 6

    I've got lots of great news to share with everyone joining
our cruise next January.  Last week I was in Atlanta at the
15th Anniversary Summit for the Advocates for Self-
Government.  Also there were Meg and Jack Williams of
California, who joined last year's Libertarian Cruise.

    They traveled Alaska this summer aboard the MS VEENDAM
and report it is first rate.  Those of you who enjoyed the service
and accommodations of Princess Cruise Line in 1998 and RCL
in 1999 will (if you can believe it possible) find the Holland
America Line exceeds both!  I really enjoyed visiting again
with the Williams and receiving their good news.  Another 80
Libertarians requested cruise flyers at that event.

    Another piece of great news may just be the last straw,
if you're still debating whether to book a stateroom for the 2000
cruise.  Our travel consultant, Brooke Parker, has renegotiated
the rate for all our categories of staterooms down another 3%.
Brooke has always taken good care of us.  I have never before
been able to book during peak season at a 53% discount.
If you have already booked, your final payment will be lower
than you expected!  All the new fares are listed on the web site.

    Finally, the time for that final payment is just three weeks
away and January will be here before you know it!  That means
this will be the final Cruise Update.  Next week everyone who
has booked will get a message with all fellow passengers listed.
Please join us.

    Here's a quote from the only fellow passenger on all three
Libertarian Cruises:

"It's great to spend a relaxing week with people you love
to talk with."

                - Barbara Bourland,  West Lafayette, IN

    Now on to another "Day" of our virtual cruise.


    Thursday is my favorite day of this itinerary.  At 8 A.M. we
dock at Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  There are many shore excursions
available here, from snorkeling and sailing to shopping.

    One excursion that I never miss is the trip to Dunn's River Falls.
This is a stair step waterfall that is climbed by the tourists.  If
you're even a little adventuresome, you'll want to climb it, joining
hands with all the members of your group and your guide.  Along the
way, your guide will remove your camera from the dozen or so around his
neck and take your picture in the rushing water.  Your friends at home
will need to see it to believe that you climbed the 600 feet to the
top.  Even the hardiest souls are glad there is a paved road back to
the bottom.  The finish to your Dunn's River Falls trip is a ride back
to the port aboard a boat serving rum punch.

        This evening's dinner will be casual, with island attire,
rather than coat and tie, throughout the dining room.  All week, our
servers have had everyone's preferences down pat; iced tea for you,
coffee with cream there, extra parmesan here.  They've made your
idiosyncrasy their challenge.  Always, they'll suggest you order an
extra desert, so you don't have to skip one of the two you're trying
to choose between.

        In addition to the grand stage show on board each evening,
tonight there is a late night comic doing a show in one of the lounges.
All the jokes about cruising and cruisers are funny, even though I
thought I laughed all I could the last time I heard them.  The cruise
director serves as MC for the shows.  He becomes everyone's best
friend on board by the end of the week as he and the cruise staff
keep their promise to make this the best vacation of your life.

Here are Brooke's numbers again:

Travelmaster Inc.
120 N. Wayne Street
Angola, IN  46703
(219) 665-1166 fax

Don't wait.  Call Brooke this week!

Your friend,


Here's a photo from the falls!

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