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    Third Annual Libertarian Cruise - Update # 4

     Greetings to all fellow cruisers!  It has been my pleasure to
get to meet and know each of you.  I've never found a nicer
group of people.  Please continue to share your thoughts and
ideas with me as I continue to plan CRUISE 2000.  There are
now over 100 people requesting these Cruise Updates.  We
will all have a grand time (in just 5 1/2 months).

     I thought you'd like to learn of some of the reports from
those who have joined us on prior Libertarian Cruises.  For
the next several Cruise Updates, I'll share some of those.
Here's the first, from the LPK State Chair:

     "We found the second Libertarian cruise to be fun, relaxing and
politically stimulating.  The dinner conversations and the ability to
meet fellow Libertarians will be remembered."

Dick and Donna Mancini, Louisville, Kentucky

     Thanks, Mancinis.  Your fellow Libertarians will be be eagerly
awaiting another memorable week with you in 2000.  Now on to
another "Day" of our virtual cruise.


     On Tuesday morning we dock at Cozumel, an island off the Eastern
coast of Mexico.  Today's stop is the first of three successive daily
"Ports of Call" on our cruise.  Here are shore excursions to visit
ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum or San Gervasio.  Some fun excursions
are found aboard a "semi-submarine" or a "fiesta boat".  The beautiful
Caribbean can also be explored using a snorkel and fins.  Everyone is
back aboard for the 2 PM sail away.  As we leave port, we begin to
anticipate our next stop, at Grand Cayman, Wednesday morning.

     Tonight's dining room attire is casual.  The meal, however, is
(as always) superbly first class.  The night life is always active
with music, dancing and a stage show.  Since I want to be well rested
for my shore excursions tomorrow, I'll try to leave the casino before
midnight tonight.  If the wagers are going my way, I'll have to try
very hard to leave early.  If I'm giving money to the house, that bed
will seem most appealing.  I'll be windsurfing in the breezes off the
Cayman Islands in my dreams.


Here are Brooke's numbers again:

Travelmaster Inc.
120 N. Wayne Street
Angola, IN  46703
(219) 665-1166 fax

     Please don't miss this year's cruise because you wait too
long to book your stateroom.  The number of available rooms
is shrinking every week.  The best air fares will also dry up as
the date of sailing approaches.  Call Brooke this week and
"Come Aboard!"  Ellen and I would love to have you join this
year's great group.

Till next time,


P.S.  Pass along the address for this cruise web site to any
friends and family you like to vacation with.  Share the fun!

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