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    Fifth Annual Libertarian Cruise - Update # 3

    Wow!  The weeks really fly by when you're looking forward to
a great vacation.  Thanks to everyone responding and to those who
have joined our group.  We have now added MN to the states of
our fellow cruisers.  One of my friends who travels frequently told
me that Hawaii is the one place where the beauty in person truly
matches the pictures shown in the travel brochures.  Our trip will
demonstrate that.

    I have been contacted by three LP members living in Hawaii
who are interested in sharing some fellowship with us in some of
our ports of call.  Dick Rowland told me that the Senate minority
leader (elected Republican, but an LP member) would like to give
us a tour of the Hawaiian Capitol while we are in Honolulu.  I am
now working to get a schedule we can plan around.  Others in Hilo
and Nawiliwili have also inquired about the times we are in port

    All activities during the Libertarian Cruises are optional.  The
trip is for rest and relaxation with extra opportunities for having
fun with fellow Libertarians and their friends.  Last year, while
in port at Barbados, a resident LP member provided a private island
tour and lunch at her resort for those in our group who were interested.
It was a wonderful day, after which our new friend wanted to join us
on the ship for the rest of the Cruise.  Alas, the ship was fully

    I hope each of you who are considering joining us in February
will feel safe to do so.  While I might be concerned about travel
in many foreign lands in these times of increased terrorism, I have
as much a sense of security traveling to and visiting Hawaii as I
would on the mainland.  It is likely we will be less in harms way.
Please know that if you proceed to book a stateroom, your
payment is fully refundable if you choose to cancel prior to
November 18.  A $350 per person deposit is required to book
your stateroom.

    Once again, some frequently asked questions, then "A Day on the
MS Statendam".

Question 3.  What kind of clothing is best for a Hawaiian cruise?

    The package with your cruise documents has a nice booklet that
covers this and many similar items.  Typically, the evening
temperatures are in the low 70's with daytime highs in the upper 70's.
In the direct sun, it always seem hotter to me.  Dress is casual in the
daytime and most evenings.  Each week there are two "formal" nights
where, during the evening hours, gentlemen are asked to wear dark
suits or tuxedos and women wear fancy dresses (that's as close to
observant about women's wear as I can be).  For the most part,
ashore and on deck, most wear shorts and short sleeved shirts.

Question 4.  Will I need to bring cash with me?

        Holland America cruise ships are "cash free".  That means
personal extras (drinks, shore excursions, or gifts purchased on board)
are charged to your "On Board Account" with your signature, like
staying at a resort hotel.  The casino is where cash is accepted, and
of course, at the ports of call (as are credit cards).

        One of the nice features of cruising is enjoying wonderful
meals and service without exchanging money for each item you're
enjoying. You've already paid for it!


    As the sun rises I sip my morning coffee on deck, so as to
not miss a moment of our first glorious morning aboard.  Later,
in the dinning room for breakfast, we are greeted like long lost
relatives by our table attendants, whom we met just last night!
Even though I saw him working the midnight buffet, our waiter
is bright and smiling as if this were a day off.

    Saturday is one of our days at sea.  This is a great time to
explore the many luxuries of the ship we'll be enjoying for the
next two weeks.  For some, the on-board gym and exercise
equipment will look inviting.  Others will take this morning to
soak up the warm Pacific sun by one of the pools.  I like
itineraries like this with some days at sea before beginning our
days in port.  Days at sea are great for getting fully relaxed and
preparing to enjoy the entire trip.

        I like to participate in some of the extra activities planned
just for days at sea.  There are wine tasting classes, tours of the
galley and bridge, and bridge or backgammon tournaments.  You don't
have to attend the on board talks about the many shore tours and
shopping lectures (held in the show lounge), but they are fun live.
They are also taped and rebroadcast continuously on one chanel
of your stateroom TV.  There are also good movies playing each
day on your in-room TV.

        Saturday is without any rush or fuss and it continues at a
perfect pace for an evening of elegance.  Tonight will be the first of
our formal evenings starting with a complementary Captain's Welcoming
Cocktail Party before dinner.  For me, a formal evening at sea, with a
gourmet dinner and evening stage show, is the highlight of the cruise..
I hope you've decided to join us!

Till next time,


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