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Subject:         Operation JUMPSTART in Ohio
    Date:         Sun, 17 Jan 1999
   From:         "BrittR" <>

Hi Ken,

I've done some brainstorming on getting the Jumpstart project up and
rolling in Ohio. Here's a basic step-by-step plan of implementation...

1. Establish an Ohio LP special fund or accounting line-item for donations
2. Poll active members for input/support at regional LP meetings
3. Write series of 2-column-inch ads for college newspapers
4. Promote to members & solicit donations via state/regional newsletter articles
5. Solicit frequent donors of the Ohio LP via direct mail letter
6. LP regions target area college for ads/flyers (hopefully by early March)
7. LP regions stage event at/near area college in spring (an event can be
    anything from a speaker to a booth at a local street fair)
8. Analyze our spring efforts in the summer and re-orient for the fall

For best effectiveness, this project should be uniformly defined and organized
statewide, but targeted and carried out by regions. Thus, more LP members will have some "ownership" of the idea, and more interest in following it through. Plus, regional members are better able to know what's happening at their area colleges.

The attachment is a 2-pager that fulfills point #2 above. The first page pitches the project to members; the second page is an NEOh LP member survey, which could be revised for other regions.  I've already sent all this info to Jim Babka, Jack Matheney and NEOh chair George Baluk.  Email me your thoughts.

Brian Gomez

P.S. I got that copy of the Restoration. Thanks. It's a good publication, and a very ambitious undertaking for college students. One suggestion I'd make is to recruit a movie reviewer from the college Libertarian ranks. This could be a good vehicle for luring and easing more students into Libertarian thinking. An excellent example is
found on page 18 of the Jan. LP News: "It's a liberty bonanza at the movies this holiday season."  Many flicks today raise issues of privacy rights and a creeping police state, notably in the "action/adventure" genre. This could be a door-opener into Libertarianism for many students.

JStart Donor Flyer