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Second Annual Libertarian Cruise - Update # 7


    We're nearing the end of these updates and it's going to be fun
getting together soon aboard the Enchantment of the Seas.  Since
the last update, I've enjoyed hearing from many of you that have
found good air fares still available.

    You don't need a passport for traveling about the Caribbean if
you are a U.S. citizen.  You can use a passport or a certified birth
certificate with a photo ID drivers license.  Non U.S. Citizens will
need other documents and should check with the travel agent that
will be preparing our cruise documents.  They can be reached at:

TravelMaster, Inc.
120 N. Wayne Street
Angola, IN  46703
(219) 665-1166 fax

    If you are still considering joining us and would like to have a few
questions answered before deciding, don't hesitate to email or call
me.  I enjoy hearing from all those I've had a chance to invite.  Your
questions can help me improve my updates with information others
might also like to have.  Keep checking the web site for all the latest
details.  It has all these updates archived and reflects the latest status
of the available staterooms with their rates.  The URL is:


    After sailing from St. Maarten to the U.S. Virgin Islands during
the night, we stop at St. John at 7 AM Thursday.  Here some of the
travelers go ashore to spend part of the day enjoying one of the
most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.  Known for it's sparkling
beaches and quiet walking trails, it's a nice alternative to touristy
St. Thomas.

   The ship then ties up at the pier in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie,
St. Thomas at 8 AM.  Most of the passengers will take advantage of the
shore excursions offered at St. Thomas.  Those who disembarked in the
morning at St. John will take a ferry to St. Thomas during the day to
reboard before we set sail at 5 PM.

    St. Thomas has very good prices on jewelry and fragrances, since
these are high duty items when imported into the United States
mainland.  Liquor is another purchase you can make duty free in
the Caribbean.  There are limits on how much you can bring back
without owing duty.  I believe U.S. citizens are allowed up to $1,100
plus 4 liters of liquor per person.  I've never tested the limits.

    Rather than shopping, I like to enjoy the excursions that combine
snorkeling, sailing and (on the way home) rum punch!  I've been
able to chase giant sea turtles and huge fish while snorkeling in
St. Thomas.  It's far enough south to have many beautiful types of
coral and reef fish.  Once I came upon a mysterious looking line
of creatures, suspended in the water.  They were reef squid and
swam all lined up like the dancers at Radio City Music Hall!  Yes,
that WAS before the rum punch.

    One of the most relaxing and beautiful parts of this cruise will
occur Wednesday evening.  As we sail out of the port at St. Thomas,
it really does look like the picture I used for the web page photo!
Watching the Virgin Islands vanish as the sun is setting from a deck
rail twelve stories above the ocean is a rush.  Then we dress for a
relaxing dinner among friends with stories to share and party into
the wee morning hours.



395 LN 150 Jimmerson Lake, Angola, IN 46703

"It is error alone which needs the support of government.
 Truth can stand by itself."

                    --Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia

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