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Second Annual Libertarian Cruise - Update # 5


        Things are moving along quickly now with our plans for making
the '99 cruise a memorable event.  Since the last update, another 15
of you have requested information and seven additional staterooms are
booked.  As a result of the nice response, I reserved another eight
outside staterooms this week.  Because they were not reserved as early
as our group staterooms, their rate is slightly higher.

        I have added photos of the staterooms to the web site's
"Information" page.  These photos show twin beds, but every stateroom
can be converted to a queen-size bed.  Check them out at:

        There are several of the inside staterooms left for $852 per
person but only one more outside stateroom is available at the $1,052
per person fare.  After that one is taken, the additional Category "I"
staterooms just reserved for $1,152 per person will be the lowest fare
available for inside staterooms.

        I will give the last remaining group fare staterooms to those
whose checks arrive first.  Mail a check payable to "Ken Bisson" to

395 LN 150 Jimmerson Lake
Angola, IN  46703

        Please indicate whether you wish to have an inside or outside
stateroom.  If you need accommodations beyond these typical staterooms,
please let me know.  I also have several premium staterooms reserved
and will find other agents with great rates for any accommodations you

        One question I answered this week was a clarification of the
addition of a third or fourth person to a stateroom.  There is no
difference between the "regular" stateroom and the "quad" stateroom
(whose fares are listed at the web site).  The higher fare for the
first two persons in the room is charged to "allow" the third and
fourth's fare to be the $202 per person listed.

        Another common question is, "What category are the inside
staterooms?"  They will be spread out among categories "F" through
"Q".  They are assigned on the date of sailing as you check in at
the Pier.  I have personally purchased an inside stateroom because
the accommodations are splendid and I've spent little time peering
out the stateroom window when I've paid to have an outside cabin.
The best views are from the deck rails, dining rooms and lounges,
equally available to all.

        Please send me additional questions you might have.  I'm
sure others will appreciate seeing the same explanation. "DAY FOUR
ON THE ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS" will be saved for the
next update.

Best Wishes,


395 LN 150 Jimmerson Lake, Angola, IN 46703

"It is error alone which needs the support of government.
 Truth can stand by itself."

                    --Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia

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